Culverdale Elementary School opened in 1975 as a kindergarten through 6th grade neighborhood school.  Our mascot is Kobe Koala, and our school colors are red, white, and blue.  The unique design of our school's main building accommodates classrooms and small group activity areas throughout the semi-circular structure and the central courtyard.  Our campus also includes sixteen portable classrooms that house various grade levels of classrooms, a science lab, and an innovation lab.  The interior of the building was modernized in 2006 and 2017, and the exterior was modernized during the summer of 2021.  Solar panel carports were also installed in 2021.

Our teachers have an outstanding reputation for providing a strong academic program with an emphasis on individual student needs, social-emotional learning, and high achievement.  Both in 1998 and 2012 we were recognized as a California Distinguished School, an honor bestowed upon some of the state’s most exemplary public schools. 

Culverdale is one of three IUSD elementary schools that host the K-6 English Language Development (ELD) "Newcomer" program.  Students with little-to-no English have access to the full academic curriculum with support from additional staff, ELD instructional strategies, and daily opportunities to interact with non-ELD students.  Our school also hosts the TK-6 "Mild/Mod" Specialized Academic Instruction program. 

All students benefit from our culture of inclusion and multiple tiers of support at Culverdale.

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